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1 giugno 2018


Blushing all over again and excited at the same time I repeated :
"Yes Madame, I accept to become your cleaning woman for a year!"

"Very well Maria, I am your employer from now on!!" she said triumphantly
and she continued : "Now you asked before about practical matters,
you are right we have to sort them out. First of all you will put our
agreement in writing and send it to your solicitor. Not everything of
course, just write simply that due to a prolonged absence abroad you are
authorising me, Monique Perreira dos Santos to handle all your financial
affairs, pay all the bills and run the household paying the domestic
staff (that is you!) etc,etc. Then you notify in writing all the people
that you think they might contact you, telling them that you are going
abroad for an indefinite amount of time to recover from the shock of
loosing your husband to another woman. Also you will apply to your bank
to issue credit cards in my name. Of course I'll take your credit cards,
and your car keys, your are not allowed to drive anymore, only public
transport for you. You will receive all the money that I earn from my
various domestic and cleaning jobs which you are going to undertake from
now on." She stopped seeing me getting more and more uneasy.

"But Mon.... I mean Madame aren't we moving a bit too fast here? Probably
I should stay at home for a few days to adapt to my new role and then..."

She interrupted me abruptly in an annoyed manner : "Leave that to me
Maria, I'll organise everything for you. I have lots of close contacts
and trusted friends among the Portuguese community of maids and cleaners,
soon you will be part of their world.". She looked at me again and became
more formal : "Now finish what you are doing here and run upstairs and
clean the bathroom I just used, and tidy up the bedroom. I have a few
phone calls to make, then we'll talk again." She turned and walked back to
the Living Room her heels clicking elegantly. She was 'la patronne' now.
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